Is flax seed hair gel worth the hype and the time to make?

After many years I finally took the plunge and made the infamous flax seed hair gel… and after many weeks I am just getting around to write about it.

From reading the instructions and watching videos the process seemed simple enough; get whole flax seeds, add water, boil until you see some foaming, let cool and then strain (optional add essential oils and preservative). Boy, was I in for some surprises. Read more


Review: FANTASIAic Curly & Coily Line

So last December I received the entire line of FantasiaIC’s new line from Naturally Curly.

I enjoyed using these products and continue to reach for them.


Co-washing for me usually happens when I have very little time to shampoo or mid week when my scalp has really had enough of the sweat and product mix. I did this a lot more when more hair was shorter. Now, I don’t see the need for it that much. Read more